Welcome to the Help file for

Blue Table The times for each in-out combination are entered for each day of the week.

NOTE: Time is entered with or without using the colon, and is in standard 12 hour format.
(ie: 1:37 could be entered as 137 but NOT 01:37 or 0137)

Click the AM / PM  / 2nd button to change it to the appropriate choice. The "2nd" indicates that a second day has been entered into (you worked past midnite).

Teal Table Use this table to enter weekend and any evening times in the same manner as the Blue Table.
Brown Table Enter the hourly Pay Rate, Estimated Tax Rate & Deductions here.
Green Table The 'Calculate' button will calculate the total hours, and also calculate the Gross Pay.

The 'Reset' button will clear the form to make ready for a new employee.

The 'Sample' button will fill the form with sample values for a sample week.

The 'Help' button displays this screen.

Maroon Table The totals for each day are shown here.
Olive Table The week total is shown here.

NOTE: The left field is displayed in hours and minutes, while the right field is displayed in hours and hundredths of hours.

Purple Table Straight-time Pay is displayed here (all hours times Pay Rate).

Over-time Pay is also displayed (all hours greater than 40 hours times one-half Pay Rate).

Gross Pay is shown here (Straight-time Pay plus Over-time Pay).

The Estimated Total Tax is displayed here as well. (Gross Pay times Estimated Tax Rate).

Next, the Deductions are repeated from the Brown Table.

Finally, the Estimated Net Pay is shown here (Gross Pay minus Estimated Total Tax minus Deductions).